Monday, 23 April 2007

The Things You Do To Please Your Kids

I finished the design that Nicole had picked out for me to do for friends birthday card, this morning. I backed it with some interfacing to prevent it from fraying then i cut them out and gave them to Nicole for her to stick on.

I think she is starting to take after me, because she kept looking at it, shaking her head.

"theres something missing..."

In the end I stitched her name and she stuck it onto the card with some foam pads to make it more 3D.

She wanted to take it to school to show her friends, but i told her to wait till Saturday, with her face down onto the floor I made her seal it up so she wouldn't sneak it off, I'm sure we weren't as bad as that as kids... then again come to think about it lol.

My bloody pc is playing up tonight. When I view my blog on AOL , all the right hand side panel is in the middle and my entries are at the bottom, but when i view it on FIREFOX it is ok and there is no problem, so i don't know if its just my pc or not ARRGHHH!!!
God knows whats up with it, I guess I will have to figure it out as its doing my head in now.

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