Sunday, 8 April 2007

The Trouble With Blackwork!!!


You wouldn't believe how many times I have started this damn mystery blackwork.
First I decided to do it on evenweave but the colour's I had on were old pieces and none of them would have fitted the entire design in, so I decided to use some evenweave that i won off eBay before Christmas that I didn't use since it come after Xmas and since it was for the cards I was using as, as it had silver fleck in it I thought why not it would be something different.

Well, what a waste of time that was. I had stitch the first panel and even though I wasn't happy how it looked I perceived with it, but when I looked at it when I had took the hoop off it looked rubbish. None of the edges were sharp or even and it just didn't look like it represented a pattern on any sort.

So one hour later of frogging( why does it take ages for arghh!! lol) I had one piece of blank evenweave all fold up and put away probably till Xmas again.

The only piece of Aida I had left that was big enough was some 16 count, so off again I started. You wouldn't believe that there is over two hours worth of work there ( the kids are back, so back to normal now where I always end up breaking off to see to them about some major disaster)

I decided to use light effects thread, since my daughters loves the design and they want it to go in their bedroom, and they love everything sparkly ( as do I, yes I know I'm 33 and I'm too old my mum keeps telling me that I should have grown out of this stage by now lol), so to go with the colour scheme in their bedroom they have chosen the hot pink and then I decided to use light effects black as well. I wanted to have it striking and I didn't know if to do one half pink the other black or do it in quarters. In the end I decided to change the colour when I start a new block. Will know at the end whether it looks any good or whether I should have stuck to one colour, not sure at the moment. So Friday night I hadn't got very far with the design, even though I had been at it for hours and by last night this was the end product.

We have already got the next page of the design and I'm not even half way through the first page yet, and it is in 6 parts so I had better get my skates on, since I have to finish of lickle Ted soon for my sisters card, hopefully it will be a nice day and I can get my garden swing out and sit in the sun and do some stitching


Heather said...

WOW I'm loving that blackworkwork mystery. Where's it from?

Bev said...

I found this yahoo group and it was one of those mystery stitches, by Martina Wiehenburg, so far we have this blackwork to do, then another mystery sampler to do after this one, but it is going really slow, I'm not sure on blackwork!!