Thursday, 12 April 2007

I think I'm coming back as a man, they have it easy!!

I'm nearly at the end of the my first weeks holiday, and what have I done?

Bugger all!!!

yesterday I had 6 kids in my house and they all wanted a friend to stop the Whole day!!!!!

To say that that work was much easier than trying to diffuse world war 3 in my garden is a slight understatement.

In the end i gave up trying to do any stitching and barked at them, that if they didn't play nice then i was going to give them jobs to do around them house. needless to say they all played well and i heard a few ' your mums a bit strict' comments, well yes I have only bloody well planted them flowers that you have destroyed with your ball!!!

I'm sure my eyes turned red, well my face did anyway. Won't be doing that in a hurry again.

Well the in laws are taking the kids to the seaside today, I'm so skint i had 6p in my purse when i last looked, cant wait to get paid this working a month in hand is killing me!!!, so I am stopping at home and starting to prepare the bathroom for decorating, as it looks a mess, so again no stitching ARGHHH!!!

Was going to put my latest WIP but the batteries have died on my so I will have to recharge them. I think its going to be one of those days!!!

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