Friday, 27 April 2007


I went to see Footloose, the musical last night with my mum and sister for her birthday. I wasn't sure if I would like it but I was surprised that it was really good. When it first started the music just blasted out and everyone in the audience jumped, there were a few screams too, which I'm sure I was one of them!!

The show went on for nearly 2 1/2 hours, and at the end they did an encore of all the hits from the show. the next thing I know, everyone around us was standing up clapping their hands there were people dancing in the aisles, I just looked at my sister bemused she dragged me up and she got in the spirit of things too, I kept looking round expecting to see Patrick Swayze come dancing down the aisle like Dirty Dancing.

Ok I really enjoyed the show but there is only so much hand clapping I can do without losing the feeling in my hand. 15 minutes later I was praying I could stop, I had this womans that was jumping and shrieking at the stars of the show that I thought I was going to suffer some serious injuries, with her arms flaying wildly around. I mean you should have seen her when there was a part of the show when they where singing Holding Out For A Hero, and 4 men come on stage with no shirts on, this woman went beserk, she grabbed hold of my arm and screamed in my face, I admit I wasn't sure at that point wether she she was going to start flinging her clothes at the stage. I admit it made me smile, we were near the stage and well the view was very nice, but this woman was hysterical to the point of madness.I was glad when she disappeared on to the aisle jumping about like she was on steroids.

I am glad I went and we all enjoyed it, but God I have such a headache this morning, and bruises on my arm from that woman. When we last saw her, she said she was going again tonight. I pity the person who ends up with the bruises tomorrow.


Juls said...

Great blog!! I just found yours!!! I plan to visit often....put a link on mine! Hope you don't mind

Name: Vicki said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog! I read your whole blog! I really enjoyed it! You are a great writer! I'm going to put a link on mine, also. Your blackwork is very impressive. I've never tried any; I'm not big on backstitching! But I love to see other people's! You sound like an awfully busy person! And your family sounds so happy!! Good for you!! You must be doing a great job! I will look forward to reading your blog!