Sunday, 22 April 2007

Happy Dance Lickle Ted finished!!


I have finally finished Lickle Ted, just in time for my sisters birthday, the plan was to make it onto a card, but now it is finished its looks to big, so I have framed it and I am really pleased with it. I had to give myself a push on this to finish it, as I wanted to get stuck into the blackwork, and Midnight fairy, As well as all the other things I have to do. I am glad its done though, but if she doesn't put it up I will hit her over the head with it.

My mum said "You cant just give her that, I mean what did it take you to do that about a hour or so!!!"

Yes mum not that long really, PARENTS!!!

I bought the latest issue of Quick and Easy Stitch & Craft. I have never bought this and have heard mixed reviews since they changed it, into paper craft and not just cross stitch, however, Nicole saw the free gift that you got with it and wanted to make it for my sisters birthday. She did a really good job too, I stitched the butterflies this morning and cut around the fairy and then she did the rest, she looked so proud of it too. I always think that something that has been made it so much better than something shop bought and mass produced( thats my excuse anyway when i pick up my vase that I made in pottery class, as it will probably look crap lol)

I was just about to start on the blackwork for a couple of nights before I start on the Chorus Line again, when Nicole gave me an invitation to a party next Saturday ( nothing like giving you plenty of notice is there), I had an hour of nagging fro her to make her friend a card so I am now in the middle of stitching a small design for her to make a card. I know I have made a rod for my own back as every time its a birthday for someone I will end up making cards.

On the bike riding up date, my arse felt like it was not connected to me, it hurt when I was sat down, it hurt when I got off my bike ( you would think it would improve but no), and every time I went over a bump or stone, I could have cried. When we had finished I couldn't walk, I was like an old woman I didn't mind going down hill but up hill, god I am so unfit ( well yes, since I have to lose another 4 stone), but i did lose some weight so i will have to get used to the pain!! lol

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