Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Finally no more painting!!

Well i can honestly say that I am high on paint fumes. I am so fed up of painting that I am even dreaming about it!!

I have done very little stitching because of all the work my husband said needed doing since I was on holiday. Holiday!! I have worked harder at home than I do at work. I went to my eldest parents evening last night, which I had completely forgot about, and I was in the middle of painting, so I thought 'Well if I go now there will be no one there since it doesn't start for another 10 minutes'

How wrong was I?

The place was packed, all these parents all dressed up looking smart and here was me, gloss in my hair paint on my clothes ( there are two kinds of people i this world, one that can paint neat and tidy, or the other that don't, put it this way there was more paint on me and the brush handle than there was on the walls, I get it on neat but I tend to get it on me too!!)

Anyway to say I was out of place put it mildly, and then when I had to see some of her teachers, I was like
'Er... what did you say'
wow! none of my teachers used to look like that, I was too busy thinking
'Christ what do I look like?, does my hair look a mess'
I really wasn't paying attention,(which is just as well since they were all saying the same thing)
'Yes Lauren excellent , no troubles very polite and hardworking, kind, considerate, wish more of pupils were like that'

Are they kidding?!!?!?

Well two hours later i wearily got back in my car and finished off the rest of my painting crawling into bed past midnight.

This morning hubby just said
' What time did you go to bed, was you on that bloody computer again'

ARGHHH!!!! if looks could kill.

Anyway I am off for a 10 mile bike ride that I somehow agreed to. My mouth said yes but my brain was screaming NO, NO!

Might not be back on for a while since i might be in hospital since I haven't been on my bike in years, thinking about it I might have to get the oil can out, as its probably all seized up.

Could really do without going as its my sisters 30th next week (were going to see Footloose the Musical) and I need to get lickle Ted finished for the weekend. Put a picture to show you how far I have got with it, Not very far as you can see.

If I don't lose any weight after this bike ride I will Scream( or go and buy the biggest buy of chocolate that I can find, which wont be very big, our local shop doesn't have much choice in, a creme egg, polo mints or fruit and nut was what they had in the last time, oh well)

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Sally said...

Hi Bev! Thanks for visting my blog. Hope you try a pinkeep soon. They are so easy I wish I'd tried one ages aog!

Sounds like you had a fun parents evening. We usually end up not seeing teachers on time because two of my eldest's teachers can talk for England and they're running late. Meaning we're late for everybody else! Not got another one until June I think for the youngest DD, her first one there. Should be fun!