Saturday, 31 March 2007

Well I finally made a start on the Lickle Ted design that I have decided to stitch for my sisters 30th birthday. I made a start on Thursday night but I didn't get much done, as I had decided to catch up on the letters I had to right and sort out all of my threads, as earlier in the day I had been to the shop bought some new threads, only to find that I had already got most of them, hidden in a bag( I had put them in a safe place as Lauren had borrowed them for her project, and i didn't want her just throwing them back in , god how stupid am I? I put things in a safe place only to forget where i put them lol)

Anyway I decided to put a 30 in each balloon, just to remind her shes not getting any younger, and the fact that she got on at me when I turned 30. It doesn't look much but it took me ages to do.

On Friday I put a bit more effort into it, that and my sister had the kids for the night so I had peace and quiet and I got loads more done than normal. What bliss it was too lol

I want to get another balloon done and the left hand side of the background, which is only half stitch using one strand. I really want to get this part done before Sunday, as I have joined a yahoo group called ' The Absolute Mystery' where you stitch one of Martina Wiehenburg designs.
I have never done anything like this before, but since I have never done any samplers before I thought I would have a go. So hopefully I will find out what we are doing in the morning, unless its an April Fools joke. :)

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