Friday, 23 March 2007

Bad News, Good News.

Well I have finally started Midsummer Night Fairy, but I got off to a really bad start. On Wednesday night I had a good three hours stitching, which for me is really good, to say I am stitching it on evenweave. I hate evenweave, I find it really difficult to see after a while and I'm very slow, as I can easily make a mistake, I might get better as I go on, as I normally stick to Aida, although I do like the finish you get with evenweave, only time will tell. Anyway I was admiring my handiwork, and I was showing my daughter when I noticed, what I had done.

I had only gone and stitched it the wrong way around, and if I had carried on, the poor thing would have found herself with no head.

To say I was fed up was an understatement. It took me till 1am to unpick it all, and I was trying not to fall asleep, as I didn't want to ruin the fabric, to see all that hard work being unpicked was not something I will repeat again.

I cant believe I was so stupid!!!!


So come Thursday night I started all over again, you can't believe there is two hours worth of stitching there. It doesn't look much but its a start and I made sure I got it the right way around.


Hubby's grandma died last week and yesterday was her funeral, not a good day, as I hate funerals. Everyone's upset ( naturally) and I never know what to say, and when I do, I normally say something wrong. Thankfully it went with no major disasters, no arguing families, and we had the excuse to come away after a couple of hours as we had the children to pick up from school. So when the booze really got flowing we were not there.


My eldest daughter turned 13 today ( not quite sure if that should be in the bad news section lol), I can't believe how quick its gone as it doesn't seem two minutes since I was going into hospital to have her. I gave her some cross stitch stuff and a couple of kits for her and she was more thrilled with them than anything else. My youngest daughter also wants some cross stitch presents, so it looks like the bug is catching!!

Oh and I found out today that I got a job at a local school, in the kitchen so no more having to work weekends and finding someone to look after the kids during school holidays, will make my life so much easier, plus I will have more time to stitch :)

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