Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Am I Ever Going To Get Started?

Well this week I was all set for starting my new Mirabilia. I have got three to choose from, Mermaid of the Pearls, Midsummer Night Fairy or the Woodland Fairy. Since I have got all the beads and threads that I need for the Midsummer fairy, I decided to make a start on that.
I did feel a bit guilty for not finishing my Chorus Line, as I hardly ever start a project before finishing the old one. I think that is where I have been going wrong, as sometimes I feel like I am getting too bogged down with it and I can stop stitching for months at a time.

I am a slow stitcher, as I know some people can get through them in no time, however if I start a rotation then this might help. Fingers crossed.

So with me determined to get started, its now Tuesday night and I still haven't put the fabric in the hoop. All 3 of my kids came home with homework on Monday night and it has all to be handed in by Thursday. No big deal, your thinking, apart from altogether there was 14 pieces to with them. My youngest had brought home 6 pieces alone. So here I am are of the homework done, kids in bed and me too knackered to start doing anything.

Wednesday night is my pottery class, only been going a few weeks so my work is still pretty crap at the moment. First of all I made a dish( looked like something my daughter made with the play-doh it was that bad), than I was messing about and made a sunflower. I glazed that last week so I will get to see what colour it has turned out like, as for some reason, the yellow was pink to put on, so it may well be another failure, and last week I finished off my vase I made, using technique called coiling. I can say its a lot harder than it looks, I tried to get the vase to go straight up, but the clay was having none of it and it started to get bigger. Hubby will have to buy me a huge bouquet of flowers to fill it.

My next project that I am going to do, is a big dish that I can hang on my wall. I am going to try and make some dragonflies and place them on the dish.
I love the colours of them and thought it would be something different. I find that looking at cross stitch designs to give me ideas, but I'm not quite up to scratch as my teacher, Sue. She makes some really good designs, and if i was half as good as her i would be happy.

Speaking off happy, Tuesday is weigh in day for me and I lost another 2lbs, so hopefully next week if I lose 1lb then I get to my first stone award. It hasn't been easy and it will have took me 8 weeks to get this far, but all the other times I have dieted I have lost it quick and then given up and put it all back on and then some. I was so happy that I went and bought myself a chocolate bar( OK i didn't it was s slimming bar, chocolate and orange flavour, a substitute for a real bar of chocolate, and a real poor substitute at that)

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