Monday, 19 March 2007

Too Much To Do, Not Enough Time

Well i have done no stitching at all this weekend, as i have spent it all on this thing, who would have thought it would have caused so many problems.
First AOL decided to didn't want to work then I couldn't log on to Blogger. There were times when i could have turn the computer off and give up in a strop, and had a large vodka, which would have been a big no no for my diet, so i went away had a milky way ( the only chocolate that i can get away with eating, well i can have one anyway- and the reason it doesn't ruin your appetite between meals, is because you don't feel like you've had one in the first place!!)

But through perseverance i have now done it, it is still a bit rough round the edges and needs a bit of tweaking but i will have to do it later.

anyway i have a pile of clothes that is growing up towards the ceiling ( my eldest daughter is like the queen and needs several outfits on a day , that she manages to get dirty all the time, how i don't know ( wait till she starts to do her own ironing, i bet she will not do it then), so will make a proper start on my blog tonight.

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