Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Another One to Add to my Stitching wishlist

I have just been looking through my cross stitcher magazine that arrived yesterday when i saw this blackwork design. You can stitch it on 28ct evenweave or 14ct Aida. To buy the Kit it costs you £ 34.95 but you get your choice of fabric, madiera's supertwist threads, beads, sequins and Swarovski crystals.I have only done a bit of blackwork once before, but I am definitely going to get this one as soon as i can afford. There is also another one Called Tallulah In Gold, and even though I'm not goldie colour fan, I will get this one if it all goes well.

I think they would look good as a pair, and with it being something different then, I know for a fact that my sister will end you wanting one too!!

Well the sun is shining and its still a bit cold, but I'm off to tackle the garden, it may take a while as I haven't been in the garden for ages cos its been like quick sand (except its mud), one foot in and you will never be seen again. lol

The kids have also brought there school photos home today, well its a digital print out of how they would looking anyway, were not allowed to bring them home now, but the photo they brought home look nothing like they do normally.
Nicole's hair is curly and never like it is in the picture,someone as school brushed her hair so she looked 'better', so i'm a bit peeved about that and Callum has his hair spikey and his mouth is always open, and he has had to comb his hair flat so he looks quite sensible in this photo. I would have rather had a school photo showing them as they really are, and not a picture that looks nice.

4 Days left to work !!!

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Name: Vicki said...

Your children are so beautiful! I am really enjoying reading your blog!