Friday, 27 April 2007


I went to see Footloose, the musical last night with my mum and sister for her birthday. I wasn't sure if I would like it but I was surprised that it was really good. When it first started the music just blasted out and everyone in the audience jumped, there were a few screams too, which I'm sure I was one of them!!

The show went on for nearly 2 1/2 hours, and at the end they did an encore of all the hits from the show. the next thing I know, everyone around us was standing up clapping their hands there were people dancing in the aisles, I just looked at my sister bemused she dragged me up and she got in the spirit of things too, I kept looking round expecting to see Patrick Swayze come dancing down the aisle like Dirty Dancing.

Ok I really enjoyed the show but there is only so much hand clapping I can do without losing the feeling in my hand. 15 minutes later I was praying I could stop, I had this womans that was jumping and shrieking at the stars of the show that I thought I was going to suffer some serious injuries, with her arms flaying wildly around. I mean you should have seen her when there was a part of the show when they where singing Holding Out For A Hero, and 4 men come on stage with no shirts on, this woman went beserk, she grabbed hold of my arm and screamed in my face, I admit I wasn't sure at that point wether she she was going to start flinging her clothes at the stage. I admit it made me smile, we were near the stage and well the view was very nice, but this woman was hysterical to the point of madness.I was glad when she disappeared on to the aisle jumping about like she was on steroids.

I am glad I went and we all enjoyed it, but God I have such a headache this morning, and bruises on my arm from that woman. When we last saw her, she said she was going again tonight. I pity the person who ends up with the bruises tomorrow.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Bloody Computer!!

Ok I am really fed up now, Here I was trying to get this damn thing to work right on AOL, when my electric went off, 5 minutes later I'm back online to find everything gone. No blog at all except my name. I managed to get the posts back up but all the side panel has gone. AAARRRGGHHHHH!!!!!!

So now I am building it up again from scratch probably wont get it all done today, In fact I know I won't because I am beginning to get a headache cos I am tired so, it will have to wait till the morning, Bloody computers!!!

The Things You Do To Please Your Kids

I finished the design that Nicole had picked out for me to do for friends birthday card, this morning. I backed it with some interfacing to prevent it from fraying then i cut them out and gave them to Nicole for her to stick on.

I think she is starting to take after me, because she kept looking at it, shaking her head.

"theres something missing..."

In the end I stitched her name and she stuck it onto the card with some foam pads to make it more 3D.

She wanted to take it to school to show her friends, but i told her to wait till Saturday, with her face down onto the floor I made her seal it up so she wouldn't sneak it off, I'm sure we weren't as bad as that as kids... then again come to think about it lol.

My bloody pc is playing up tonight. When I view my blog on AOL , all the right hand side panel is in the middle and my entries are at the bottom, but when i view it on FIREFOX it is ok and there is no problem, so i don't know if its just my pc or not ARRGHHH!!!
God knows whats up with it, I guess I will have to figure it out as its doing my head in now.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Happy Dance Lickle Ted finished!!


I have finally finished Lickle Ted, just in time for my sisters birthday, the plan was to make it onto a card, but now it is finished its looks to big, so I have framed it and I am really pleased with it. I had to give myself a push on this to finish it, as I wanted to get stuck into the blackwork, and Midnight fairy, As well as all the other things I have to do. I am glad its done though, but if she doesn't put it up I will hit her over the head with it.

My mum said "You cant just give her that, I mean what did it take you to do that about a hour or so!!!"

Yes mum not that long really, PARENTS!!!

I bought the latest issue of Quick and Easy Stitch & Craft. I have never bought this and have heard mixed reviews since they changed it, into paper craft and not just cross stitch, however, Nicole saw the free gift that you got with it and wanted to make it for my sisters birthday. She did a really good job too, I stitched the butterflies this morning and cut around the fairy and then she did the rest, she looked so proud of it too. I always think that something that has been made it so much better than something shop bought and mass produced( thats my excuse anyway when i pick up my vase that I made in pottery class, as it will probably look crap lol)

I was just about to start on the blackwork for a couple of nights before I start on the Chorus Line again, when Nicole gave me an invitation to a party next Saturday ( nothing like giving you plenty of notice is there), I had an hour of nagging fro her to make her friend a card so I am now in the middle of stitching a small design for her to make a card. I know I have made a rod for my own back as every time its a birthday for someone I will end up making cards.

On the bike riding up date, my arse felt like it was not connected to me, it hurt when I was sat down, it hurt when I got off my bike ( you would think it would improve but no), and every time I went over a bump or stone, I could have cried. When we had finished I couldn't walk, I was like an old woman I didn't mind going down hill but up hill, god I am so unfit ( well yes, since I have to lose another 4 stone), but i did lose some weight so i will have to get used to the pain!! lol

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Finally no more painting!!

Well i can honestly say that I am high on paint fumes. I am so fed up of painting that I am even dreaming about it!!

I have done very little stitching because of all the work my husband said needed doing since I was on holiday. Holiday!! I have worked harder at home than I do at work. I went to my eldest parents evening last night, which I had completely forgot about, and I was in the middle of painting, so I thought 'Well if I go now there will be no one there since it doesn't start for another 10 minutes'

How wrong was I?

The place was packed, all these parents all dressed up looking smart and here was me, gloss in my hair paint on my clothes ( there are two kinds of people i this world, one that can paint neat and tidy, or the other that don't, put it this way there was more paint on me and the brush handle than there was on the walls, I get it on neat but I tend to get it on me too!!)

Anyway to say I was out of place put it mildly, and then when I had to see some of her teachers, I was like
'Er... what did you say'
wow! none of my teachers used to look like that, I was too busy thinking
'Christ what do I look like?, does my hair look a mess'
I really wasn't paying attention,(which is just as well since they were all saying the same thing)
'Yes Lauren excellent , no troubles very polite and hardworking, kind, considerate, wish more of pupils were like that'

Are they kidding?!!?!?

Well two hours later i wearily got back in my car and finished off the rest of my painting crawling into bed past midnight.

This morning hubby just said
' What time did you go to bed, was you on that bloody computer again'

ARGHHH!!!! if looks could kill.

Anyway I am off for a 10 mile bike ride that I somehow agreed to. My mouth said yes but my brain was screaming NO, NO!

Might not be back on for a while since i might be in hospital since I haven't been on my bike in years, thinking about it I might have to get the oil can out, as its probably all seized up.

Could really do without going as its my sisters 30th next week (were going to see Footloose the Musical) and I need to get lickle Ted finished for the weekend. Put a picture to show you how far I have got with it, Not very far as you can see.

If I don't lose any weight after this bike ride I will Scream( or go and buy the biggest buy of chocolate that I can find, which wont be very big, our local shop doesn't have much choice in, a creme egg, polo mints or fruit and nut was what they had in the last time, oh well)

Thursday, 12 April 2007

I think I'm coming back as a man, they have it easy!!

I'm nearly at the end of the my first weeks holiday, and what have I done?

Bugger all!!!

yesterday I had 6 kids in my house and they all wanted a friend to stop the Whole day!!!!!

To say that that work was much easier than trying to diffuse world war 3 in my garden is a slight understatement.

In the end i gave up trying to do any stitching and barked at them, that if they didn't play nice then i was going to give them jobs to do around them house. needless to say they all played well and i heard a few ' your mums a bit strict' comments, well yes I have only bloody well planted them flowers that you have destroyed with your ball!!!

I'm sure my eyes turned red, well my face did anyway. Won't be doing that in a hurry again.

Well the in laws are taking the kids to the seaside today, I'm so skint i had 6p in my purse when i last looked, cant wait to get paid this working a month in hand is killing me!!!, so I am stopping at home and starting to prepare the bathroom for decorating, as it looks a mess, so again no stitching ARGHHH!!!

Was going to put my latest WIP but the batteries have died on my so I will have to recharge them. I think its going to be one of those days!!!

Sunday, 8 April 2007

The Trouble With Blackwork!!!


You wouldn't believe how many times I have started this damn mystery blackwork.
First I decided to do it on evenweave but the colour's I had on were old pieces and none of them would have fitted the entire design in, so I decided to use some evenweave that i won off eBay before Christmas that I didn't use since it come after Xmas and since it was for the cards I was using as, as it had silver fleck in it I thought why not it would be something different.

Well, what a waste of time that was. I had stitch the first panel and even though I wasn't happy how it looked I perceived with it, but when I looked at it when I had took the hoop off it looked rubbish. None of the edges were sharp or even and it just didn't look like it represented a pattern on any sort.

So one hour later of frogging( why does it take ages for arghh!! lol) I had one piece of blank evenweave all fold up and put away probably till Xmas again.

The only piece of Aida I had left that was big enough was some 16 count, so off again I started. You wouldn't believe that there is over two hours worth of work there ( the kids are back, so back to normal now where I always end up breaking off to see to them about some major disaster)

I decided to use light effects thread, since my daughters loves the design and they want it to go in their bedroom, and they love everything sparkly ( as do I, yes I know I'm 33 and I'm too old my mum keeps telling me that I should have grown out of this stage by now lol), so to go with the colour scheme in their bedroom they have chosen the hot pink and then I decided to use light effects black as well. I wanted to have it striking and I didn't know if to do one half pink the other black or do it in quarters. In the end I decided to change the colour when I start a new block. Will know at the end whether it looks any good or whether I should have stuck to one colour, not sure at the moment. So Friday night I hadn't got very far with the design, even though I had been at it for hours and by last night this was the end product.

We have already got the next page of the design and I'm not even half way through the first page yet, and it is in 6 parts so I had better get my skates on, since I have to finish of lickle Ted soon for my sisters card, hopefully it will be a nice day and I can get my garden swing out and sit in the sun and do some stitching

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Bad Starts and Messy Houses

Started work today and well to say the woman who is in charge is not a people person is an understatement!!

If I did anything that was different from her way, she would bark at me ' you don't do it that way!!', I'm stood there thinking,2 its my first day you have to show me the way you do things", But i was good I just smiled bit my lip and did it the way she had shown me. All day she would say you should have had that done by now , you are too slow at doing it I'm not happy.

Okay I'm moaning now, but on your first day you expect people to understand that your new and be patient with you until you know what to do and where everything goes without being told, and not roll there eyes and walk off.

DEFINATELY not an understanding person.

Winge over now, lol on the stitching front, i have made progress with the lickle ted card but i have put it to one side to make a start on some blackwork, however with the kids on holiday it seems that that is going to be easier said than done,come back from work today and it looked like a pig sty, and i had cleaned it all the way through before i went to work. Kids don't you just love them|!!

Oh and Happy Birthday Callum 10 today!!!!