Monday, 9 July 2007

Bloody Dogs!!

I have had disaster on the stitching front, well a mini one anyway. I haven't posted much as there was nothing to see as i have been busy stitching for the exchanges that I am doing. i have just to finish my last one tonight, then i am sending them all off.

I took photos of them all to put on here when they arrive at there destination, when my mum came up with her new dog that she got from the RSPCA.

Now my mum rarely comes up to see us, and we only live 8 miles away, she is more closer to my sister, and as for looking after the kids well, that is even rarer. she says that she cant look after 3 kids, i mean the youngest is 8 so its not like they don't know how to entertain themselves.

She once came up to see them, and gave each of them 50p, now i know i shouldn't be ungrateful but 50p in one year, well she can afford to give them more, every week, but i guess that is why she has money and i don't!!

anyway .... when she gave Callum his 50p she asked for a kiss, or she wouldnt give him his money. He just looked at her and said..

' its ok i don't need your money that bad!'

now i know i should have shouted at him for being rude, but he did have a point, and theres nothing like kids as to telling it like it is.

She doesn't make an effort and I get fed up of ringing her all the time, and asking for a sitter only to be turned down or told she's too busy tidying the house or going out, so she cant see us.

So i was surprised she came up, mind you I did find out that she had a purpose to the visit, as she is going on her hols in a few weeks and she wanted me to live at her house for a week and dog sit for her!!.

OK i may be flying off the handle her a bit, but she wants me to sit for her dog, but if i ask her to look after the kids, and i get every excuse known to man!!

Now, ( back to what i was trying to say... lol) she same up and i went to have a nosy around like she does when she comes up and the bloody dog, got hold of my card that i had stitched for an animal exchange. in a matter of seconds it was ripped up, so now i have no card.

I suppose i should have moved it off the table but i didn't think and now i have had to make a quick card up. It took me all weekend to stitch it too, so i wasn't very happy, I didn't even get a chance to take a photo of it either!!

I did get my friendship card from Jenni though, shown above, so I made sure that was well out of the way.

Now the only thing I have to do, is to find a Celtic design that I am doing for my first ever Round Robin. Its a bookmark so the design cant be that big, and the ones i like are a bit too big for a bookmark, need to find some freebie sits that have some designs on them.

after that I really should get a move on the Mirabilia's Middy fairy or HAED's Motherhood. Must resist the calling to start something new!! lol


Itching To Stitch said...

Wow, sounds like your Mom could use a lesson in manners (for herself and her dog). Glad you can let off steam here on your blog.

The card you received is very cute ;)

Carla said...

I'm so sorry about what happened to your card :( ...the one you received is very cute!

Karen said...

sorry about your card, sounds like your mum went to the same charm school my mothin in law went to .

Try this link for some bookmarks down the side she has a free bookmark bit there are 2 celtic'ish designs there, her designs stitch up nicely I did a few different ones in the blackwork section

Heather said...

Hmm I think I'd have told her no.

Did you find the celtic design for your RR?