Thursday, 19 July 2007

Magent exchange reveal

Nothing much to report, Bieke, got her magnet that i did from an exchange in the yahoo group, and i was really struggling to find somehting to stitch for the size of the magnet.

everything that i looked at stitching was too big for it, even on 32ct.

In the end i chose this ice cream sundae, that i stitch in variegated threads that i bought,I have never had the chance to use them so i thought I would try them and and see what they looked like.

Next time I have to stitch on a magnet i am going to have to stitch on either plastic canvas and stick some magnet backing onto it or find a bigger magnet!!


Carla said...

cute magnet! well done!

Sally said...

What a sweet magnet:)

Mary Ann said...

Very cute magnet--wonderful job!

Cheryl said...

Like the magnet!