Friday, 13 July 2007

How hard can it be?( yeah right lol)

When I went into my local craft shop I saw a knitted top that I loved, so obviously I thought I know I will learn how to knit!!!
Yes nothing like seeing something and jumping in with both feet, so here I am with my book to learn, since no one i know knows how to knit.

I was really good last night I sat down and read some of my book, but i didn't start any,I thought it would be better when i have more time to my self as the kids last night were a relay pain every two minutes they were playing up, I sent them to bed early and they were still arguing with each other( imagine The Waltons, at the end of the program, but shouting at each other, that was my house last night if you could have steam coming out of your ears then last night that would have been me)

Hopefully tonight I will make start on my first ever knitting, someone said knit some socks !!! not a chance 2 needles will be bad enough never mind 4, so I am going to attempt to make a scarf. There wasn't much choice in the wool shop i went to , as it said in the book to use pure wool for a start, and there was very little in, as it was all fancy stuff which is no good for starting, I wouldn't be able to see what i was doing.

Hopefully It will look like a scarf and not something that a dog has ripped to pieces lol.

On the stitching front, I got all my exchange pieces in the post, so hopefully I will be able to post the pictures of them next week.

I am now doing my RR, I received Margaret's piece yesterday , so after I have finished mine ( which is so fiddly I don't think I will do small Celtic knot again, unless its on evenweave) I will chose a design that fits, (the one i had in mind wouldn't look right on it)
I also made a start on my first christmas card, i normally leave it till the week before, realise its too late and dont bother with it, and every year I say I will start it earlier, and every year I don't. Its Valerie Pfeiffer Chistmas Chickadee, I loved stitching the chicks I thought I would do another!

As you can see theres not much to see really but its a start. I can't wait till next Friday I get 6 weeks off work so hopefully I will get more to time to stitch ( and knit) oh the joys of working in a school!!!


Nima said...

bev, it is always good to learn a new craft....i appreciate your enthu... I learned to crochet using books and online articles. Recently i learned to crochet granny square with the help of the video online. you can go to google and search for how to knit video .
They are good.

Michelle said...

Good luck with the knitting! I just learned myself. Your Motherhood QS is looking beautiful too - I just bought that one. Gotta love HAED (and Mermaids!)

Sally said...

Enjoy your knitting Bev. It is so easy once you get going. I haven't done any for years.

Karen said...

;O) I'm not saying a word on my last blog I had the micky taken about my knitting skills lol I started a scarf well I found someone to cast on for me then I knitted quite a bit but found it so mind numbingly(is that a word) boring that its in a bag still waiting to be finished , not my favourite hobby lol

Mary Ann said...

I look forward to seeing your scarf! I know that you will learn to knit in no time--then maybe you can tell me how to do it. :)

Nicola said...

Looking forward to seeing your scarf, Jo. It's easy once you get into the rhythm. The Art of Knitting is a good weekly magazine to start off with as it gives you a ball of wool each week so you can learn a different stitch. Good luck, hope it all goes great for you! xx

bells said...

Congratulations on jumping into a new craft! It's always fun to try something new. I learned how to knit a few years ago, although all I can make are scarves and mittens. Last year I taught myself how to crochet, which I'm enjoying immensely. I really love the yarn you picked up! I just adore autumny colours! Can't wait to see how your first knitting project turns out :)

Carla said...

good luck with your knitting...and nice start with the little bird!

selina said...

Great to see that you jump into a new craft. I love knitting, though I never made it over the beginner/medium level and I knit since 20 years. However, I love knitting socks.

Can't wait to see your first progress photos!