Saturday, 30 June 2007

Oh Please No More Rain!!

Well the rain is back, but as of now its not as bad as it was. Last Monday I finished work only to see this ( Top picture to the left)when I got out, luckily my car was not parked there, i didn't think it had rained that bad, but then again that what you get with working inside, i didn't get the chance to see how bad things were getting.

I got a phone call from the kids schools telling me

to pick them up as the school was beginning to flood, the roads were terrible and it took me several attempts to find a route tat was still passable.
In all a 5 minutes journey took me over an hour. I live in a area high up above, the villages. middle of nowhere really, but the only thing is living at the top, is all the water you have to try and get through to get home.

I was supposed to go to my dads, but he phoned me up as the roads were impassable. thankfully everything is back to normal, apart from the clear up and the mud thats everywhere.

In contrast to other people in this area, we came off lightly some places were flooded 10ft high and the waters are still not receding over a week later

I have been busy stitching for the exchanges that i am doing, so I cant post any pictures just yet. i have to decide what i will stitch next after I have done them, i suppose its depending on the mood i am in. I could really get on with getting back onto the HAED that i am doing. I have noticed that people grid there work. not something that i have done before, but i think that on my next one, i will definitely do this, my eyes cant take the counting stitches on 25 count lol


Cheryl said...

I was wondering if you had been affected by the flooding. It's so awful. And this is summer?! Ive felt so sorry for the people on the news whose homes are ruined

Sally said...

Hasn't it been awful Bev. We live high up too. Some places have been flooded here but nowhere near as bad as some areas. Some of the villages had bad flooding and are still being pumped out. I can't imagine what those people must be going through.

My DH works in Beverley and it took him over two hours to get home on Monday on a journey that normally takes about 20 minutes.

Karen said...

wow it's been bad there , I hope its all settled down now?