Monday, 11 June 2007

Having a Moan!

I have just spoke to my sister and after listening to her rabbit on for half an hour I asked her if she had got her card, as she had still got to pick up some stuff from my mums house since she helped her bring things back home.

'Yeah why?' Now maybe I am being slighly over the top like, but she didnt even say thanks. i just replied that I wanted to make sure she had got it, when she replied that there was no money inside though.

WELL NO!!!! I'm not on loads of money a week !!

OK i know that she didn't have to grovel but a thanks it was nice of you to make it for me would have been nice, ARGHHH family!!!

Oh and after reading Sallys blog and saw that she had changed it( like the design you chose too) i stupidly clicked on the link now i have been sat looking for a new design, ( I get bored easily and since I cant change my man might as well change the look of this, so you have been warned it will change a bit over the months lol)

Not too sure of it but this template take widgets so I might have a go at it( then again it might be back to how it was yesterday in a bit lol)


selina said...

aww .. i am so sorry to hear that. The card was lovly. I do not understan why ppl always expect money .... *hugs*

Carla said...

so sorry about your sister's card :(

Juls said...

so sorry about your sister....the card was lovely!!!

Cheryl said...

Sorry to hear that. If its any consolation i think it's great as is your coaster too. Just catching up after my hols. Couldn't comment on the blog template you had yesterday :)