Thursday, 14 June 2007

My New Blog Template and Nice Surprise!!

I was having a really bad day, you know the kind where everything goes wrong.

The alarm doesn't go off, the kids uniform has some how managed to drag itself through mud, since the kids swear they didn't do it, you find out that they have a load of letters that they forgot to give you, and there going on a school trip that I had completely forgot about and you haven't a penny in your purse and they need£5 for the gift shop, (when did it go up so much I was lucky so get 50p- showing my age now!! lol) when all they buy is crap that you put in the bin the next day, because it broke last night leaving a child that makes Linda Blair (The Exorcist) look mild mannered!!

Yep i was having one of those days my garden was a mess and all my good intentions of cutting the grass went when I saw the rain that hasn't stopped all day and night now ( thats what you get with blowing the swimming pool up and filling it with water (which took 4 hours too)

this bloody thing was pissing me off too, if you have seen it over the past few days you may have well seen it change about once every five minutes trying to find a template that I liked!!

So my mood was cheered up no end when I received this in the post from Janien. To be honest I didn't expect it as I had signed up for a bookmark exchange and I thought that it had all fallen through since there had been some people who were behaving stupid and childish.

I have never got anything so nice in the post before!! I love all the detail that has gone into the envelope alone,and never seen one done before, and I am amazed that it actually got here!!

So thanks Janien even the hubby loves it and he normally doesn't make comments on any stitching( if it doesn't involve anything to do with fishing then hes not interested lol)

On my stitching front i am doing my father in laws card but it looked crap so I have frogged it and started again, if it still looks bad its going in the bin!!

On my blog now is a theme that I have designed myself, since I couldn't find one that I liked. the only problem is that I have AOL( which I think is crap but I am stuck with them till August) and then I use Firefox, which is so much better.
The only problem is that on AOL my writing doesnt appear till half way down the page but on Firefox it doesn't happen. If this happens on any body else's could they let me know on here or u can email me, so I can try and sort it out, still learning and it will probably be something so simple but when I asked AOL they said I have to see if its my pc or others too.

all I know is that its really bugging me now!!


JOT said...

The template looks brilliant on my PC! I use Internet Explorer.

Love the bookmark and envelope.

Sally said...

Your new template looks brilliant Bev.

The bookmark and the envelope are lovely.

Vash said...

Hi Bev. The frame that I am using is a plastic frame that I got from Sew and So. By the way, I'm using IE 6 and running my screen resolution at 1024 x 768 and the writing on your blog appears the same way for me as it does with your AOL browser.

Carla said...

cute bookmark! and the template looks great!

Anonymous said...

Your new template looks great...