Monday, 18 June 2007

I Love These Samplers (I want to Stitch them now!!! lol)

I have just seen this Ice Cream Sampler on Michelle's blog and I love it this is definitely one that I am going to stitch,

Then I saw the chocolate cake sampler too, when I went on the site to see where I could get it from and I love that one as well lol .

In fact I love all of them, and theres a couple of free patterns on the website too so I might stitch them first until I can get my hands on the charts.

So now I have two ( well ok maybe more) that I want to stitch. I am going to paint my Kitchen when I am off work for the school holidays so I am going to have to stitch these .

Now I have just to find someone who sells them in this country, as these will be on the top of my stitching list after I have got all of my exchanges out of the way

( which I have just signed up for another one so thats 5 in total now, why do I do it to myself for lol)


Carla said...

those sampler are lovely! they are in my wish list too :)

Unknown said...

Hi, just thought I'd swim over from one mermaid lover to another! Thanks for posting on my blog, I appreciated your lovely comments! Your blog skin is stunning - I love it!

Thanks for posting the link to the lovely samplers, I've downloaded the "Egg Nog" one to do in the winter!


Karen said...

I am waiting for the Ice cream design to arrive lol its going to be my next small design to stitch

Karen said...
these sell the designs they are in the UK

Anonymous said...

Love the ice cream sampler. We are big ice cream lovers too!

Greg said...

I am doing the Cocoa Sampler by Casey Buonaugurio now and have the Cherry Cheesecake one. Aren't they great little samplers.

Unknown said...

Those are nice but i love the bottom one most...

By the way, you have been tagged..
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Happy Stitching to you