Thursday, 3 May 2007

My Latest Pottery Finishes.

Well i have finally brought home some of my things that I made in my pottery class. I have only been going for 7 weeks so I am not that good yet, as I am just playing with it. Some people who have been there a couple of years have made some really good things that you would pay money for. The bowl was made in my first lesson and we just had to get the feel of the clay and play about, so its pretty crap really, might do as an ashtray lol

The sunflower, well thats what its suppoeed to be lol, was fun to do .It was like being back at school, although I didn't get it as neat as I would have liked

I ran out of time, and the week after when i went I had forgot to spray it with water to keep it moist, so it was too hard to play about with it ( I have learn't my lesson not to that again!)

But painting the colours onto it was a real pain.

You would think they would look like the colours as they do now, but no. The Yellows looked nothing like it, and orange was a kind of pinky colour, so I had no idea what they would look like when it was glazed and fired again, which is kind of annoying, at least when your stitching you know what colours your using.

With my last piece that I did, the vase. It was supposed to be a lot thinner than it has turned out, but that the thing with the clay, you have to let it go where it wants to. Its not just a piece of clay wrapped around neither.

I have made it from coils that looked like sausages all piled up on top of each other. Then I had to smooth it out with my thumb, i have spent many a hour smoothing it all out, but to say its my first real piece I was really happy with it.

Although for some strange reason the colour inside the vase has gone a different colour than what it is outside. No idea why that has happened.


Cheryl said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog :) I love yours! The pottery you have made is great - and you're only just beginning?! wow! I particularly like the sunflower piece

Juls said...

I love the pottery!!! It's beautiful!!!! So original!!!!

Nicola said...

Thought I'd swim over from the Mermaid Sanctuary! I love your blog particularly the sea at the top!

The pottery is beautiful, you certainly have a flair for it! Looking forward to seeing more of your work soon!

Best wishes,
Nicola xx