Monday, 7 May 2007

First Exchange Finished

I have just finished stitching my coaster that I am doing for an exchange. I will put the picture of it on when I have sent it out.

We had to put the other persons initial on it as well as anything else that we thought off.

I stitched it on 28ct Linen, and its the first time I have stitched on 28ct, It was OK but I was doing it one over one, so I could fit all of the design onto it, so it was hard going stitching on it when the light was fading.

By night I couldn't see it properly ( i really must get a day light bulb and a lamp for it, but the ones you can buy wouldn't go down too well with the hubby if I bought one for the room).

I had to improvise the design a bit and change a colour as it was supposed to be stitched with 2 strands blended so I just chose another colour.

Hope the other person likeS what i have done. I am just waiting for the coaster for it that I bought off eBay for it. I paid for it over 9 days ago now and still no joy if its not here by Wednesday I will have to email her.

It is my first exchange and I have signed up for my first RR too on the Cross-Stitching Forum
I have been told that they can get addicted, it will be nice to get something in the post apart from bloody bills.

I went to see WILD HOGS THE MOVIE this weekend. It was hubby's birthday (35- the old git lol) and my sister bought him a couple of cinema tickets so he chose to see that, I didn't think I would like it but i really enjoyed it. I was great to see the new trailers too, Shrek The Third, Pirates of the Caribbean - At Worlds End, Die Hard 4 !! Cant wait to see them!!!

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