Thursday, 10 May 2007

My First HAED (s)

I have just bought my first HAED, so my fingers are itching to get started. The fabric has just arrived with my kreiniks that I bought off eBay. ( I really need to find a cheaper source )

OK to be truthful, I have bought another Head both by Selina Fenech, and both are Mermaids. My Hubby says I am obsessed with them.

Hmmm free and not having to put up with nagging men, yep!! ( what you bet that mermen are the same - he has just walked past seen what I wrote and his comment was " You do realise they don't exist?" Some people have no sense off humor! , Sorry Dear lol)
Anyway I know the Motherhood is a QS, so I might do that one first before I start the Mermaid Series, just to make sure I have not bought more than I can chew. ( besides I still haven't got all the threads for the Mermaid Series, so decision made. Good job really because it would have took me ages to decide, as I love them both. I would have needed up having to go letting the kids decide and that could have turned into another battle.

I have also bought The Gift Of Stitching Magazine, since I have heard rave reviews about it. God all this stuff I keep buying, I need to pack my job in and go and stitch full time to get anywhere near half the stuff done that I want to stitch.

On the coaster front, the bloody thing still hasn't arrived so I emailed the woman and she said they couldn't track it so I would have to wait another two days to receive another. I wish it would hurry up, because I also bought some thread Heaven, and I am not stitching no more on the blackwork sampler until I have some, as it is really annoying to stitch with them light effects threads, oh you live and learn.


Itching To Stitch said...

I love your HAED designs, ALL of them. You're right, you will need to stitch full time just to do these never mind whatever else you have in your stash. I enjoyed looking at your blog and will be back ;)

Karen said...

The HAED are lovely ,
Thank you for the comment on my Blog the hearts design is Hearts 4 Hearts Sake by Cinnamon Cat, you can get the chart anywhere that sells Cinnamon cat designs ie Jaynes Attic , Sewandso

Mary Ann said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoyed browsing your blog and have added you to my blog list. The HAED designs are very pretty, and I look forward to seeing WIP pictures.

Anonymous said...

rosie from w/bees omg the mermaid and baby is stunning.your work is fantastic