Tuesday, 31 May 2011

On my previous post, WENDY asked me what the red lines are on my fabric. I dont like gridding much as i am slow and always have to double and triple check the lines so i thought i would give Magic Guide by DMC a go. Now its no where near as nice to stitch on as Jazlyn but it saves me time but i had not seen any that some one had used it and washed the red lines out, so i cut some off my fabric and  followed the instructions on DMC's web site, which to be honest were not very good, wash at 40. That was it.
So i did that i put it into a bowl  at 40 and what happened.... nothing, i left it for a bit longer, still nothing. Panic was now starting to rise and hubby tried to rub it together. By this time i was on the edge of hysterical, all that work for nothing. I then put some washing powder in and it started to disappear. Hysteria abated i left if for another few minutes and this is the end, but very tatty product( lesson learnt not to let hubby had hold of my fabric again.)
you can faintly see the lines when you hold the fabric up to the light, maybe more soaking would eradicate it completely and i wouldnt use it if you could see the fabric but for HAED its perfect.
Now onto a mid week update on Corsair Daemira. I started stitching her on Saturday morning while having a marathon DVD session and by Sunday night I had got this far...

and that was stitching most of Saturday and Sunday, I wish I could stitch faster. I finally finished all the blue and by Monday night i had got this far...
I may even get half a page finished before the end of this week as niext week is the HAED SAL so i will be working on Fragile Heart, and i am not enjoying stitching on 18ct no more it feels too big, if that makes sense.
Hope everyone is having a productive week


Wendy said...

thank you so much for the explanation, and the link !
I thought that would be it, I see more stitchers use it, and I suppose it´s really handy.
but if gridding would work for me......
I think I am way to lazy to make lines myself, and I would wonder if I hadn´t made a mistake in the lines.
so fabric with lines already in it would be perfect.
perhaps for a new project, you never know !

mdgtjulie said...

I didn't even know DMC made a product like this. I'll have to check it out for price. I do have three HAEDs in different stages. Well, two I'm actually stitching (one on twenty two count, and one on twenty eight) and one that I'm kitting up. Love your blues. It looks great so far. BTW, thanks for stopping by and following my blog!! It's always nice to have new followers!

Anonymous said...

I love the lines! I just love to draw them! It's very relaxing :) I would be glad to grind lines for all of you if only there was someone to do the winding for me ;)
Your new start looks fantastic :)