Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Advice Needed

OK my hubby is going for a job interview this weekend, 500 miles away up in the wee scottish highlands.

its not better pay, its less in fact, there is no house, no job for me ( i would have to find another) nothing but a dream of his to work in the forest, and live in Scotland.

has anyone ever done this, just moved from family and friends, (not that i have many since i have  raised kids since i was 19 and they all partied so we just grew apart)

I am scared stupid but also excited as well, he might not even get the job but now he wants to move he will look for a job till he gets one.
I dont know anyone thats done this, just picked up there belongings and moved, 
well at least my stitching will fit in the boot of my car lol

are we stupid? am i  having a hubby that wants to have less money just so he is happy?


Tina S said...

We've done this...and have never regretted it! There are some things money can't buy and having my husband happy at work is huge for me. Plus, this is an opportunity for you to have new adventures, meet new people, and enjoy a different part of the world! I say, go for it!

wnnka said...

My husband had a different passion that I was not completely fond of. When I mentioned my concerns to a friend, she asked me, "if he asked you to stop stitching because he didn't like it how would you feel?" I understood then that everyone has their own passion and no one can take that away.

As long as your basic needs are being met and no one is being physically hurt then allow him to pursue his dream, you don't want regrets at the end of your life. Look for the bright side in all situations, it could also turn out to be a temporary move. It may seem highly unusual, but try out this adventure, if it doesn't work out, move back. Good luck! Susan~

Angela said...

I have moved more than a few times having lived since I was 18 in Leeds, Leicestershire, West Germany, Suffolk, North Yorkshre, back to leicestershire and currently in Derbyshire.

In my experience home is where your loved ones and if you made a happy life in one place then you can certainly do it somewhere else.

I've also done the giving up having enough money to finding myself struggling again because I followed my dreams and I've not regretted it. Every new place has meant new friends and new discoveries.

Go for it or you'll always be wondering what if and remember if it doesn't work out you can always move back.