Thursday, 18 March 2010


OK here are the bits of stitching that i have done, not much as my eldest has been driving me insane, but better than nothing.

half way through page two of Mermaid

Not much done on Paradisal Bird Also By Alena Lazareva

wedding Sampler not stitched on it for ages, and i know i should but not enjoying being married at the moment ( need i say more)

This is the progress i did for the HAED SAL SK, its stitched on 20ct 2X1 and i hated it i dont  know if its because i am now used to stitching on 25ct but it was bumpy and uneven so for the THIRD time i have restarted it, yes i know i am mad as i had nearly finished but  i didnt like it

This time i have started it on 28ct 2x1 tent stitch, which i love because this is one nights stitching but i dont like the gaps it leaves i think i need to try tenting on 32ct instead will have to find a bit on eBay as local shop doesnt stock it

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Claire said...

Your stitching looks good.