Saturday, 13 March 2010

Guess who's back, back not slim shady

OK here I am back online, no laptop made browsing the internet at Sisters, or using my ipod which is behaves like a man, plays up when you want it for something.

I have been stitching finished my first page of HAED's Mermaid, still on page two, finished the first part of the Mermaid Story Keep SAL too, but didn't like how it had turned out so i have started that one again.

The wedding Sampler well lets say it hasn't been out for a while, as i am enjoying stitching the HEAD's, that and the fact that hubby is annoying me and stitching a wedding sampler is something i am not wanting to do at the moment, 20 years and he still finds ways of winding me up.

So this post is a picture free post as i have just popped back to make tea, then off out again, as i am lambing and I haven't had time to take any photos, i was going to take my stitching with me, as sometimes the lambs like to take their time, but hubby says no i can muck out...lovely

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Tracey said...

Love the!