Sunday, 10 October 2010

why can i never think or a catchy title

ok the title of this post if self explanatory as i am now brain dead with everything that is going off at home.

I have completed 3/4 of the page now, but you there is still 16, yes 16, colours left to stitch in the part i have left, that is why i love stitching HAED's so much as the detail is second to none, even if i will never stitch all the charts i have in my lifetime.

However with me getting a bit more nearer in finishing this blasted page done. I have learnt that

A) I really need to grid, i took the gridding out early to see how i went on, as i see people with no gridding but nope it doesnt work for me i keep getting lost, and
B) I REALLY need to mark off what i have done and  not think its ok i will remember, as sorry but i seem to have found that i have the memory of a newt and i am then trying for hours to see what i need to do next, especially in heavily confetti areas as her hair is.
I am sure i have made a hash of it, but it still looks good to me
and ....
C) Check, check and recheck that i am stitching the right colour  and right symbol. I HATE frogging but frogging that  wont come out is a nightmare, so i have had to go over certain parts, can you tell which?

So all these mictakes have took this page an age to do, how come can stitch a page a week i have no idea, maybe i ought to say bugger the housework, now wouldnt that be nice.

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nutmegg said...

I think gridding does make it a lot easier I use a water soluble dressmaking pen when the project is finished the marking just dissolves completely in cold water.and I agree bugger housework.....(I wish).